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Studies have shown that most indoor environments are much more polluted than outdoor ones, couple this with the fact that it has been estimated that we spend up to 90% indoors and it becomes obvious that indoor air quality is a major cause for concern.

There are three key components to consider when discussing indoor air quality; Control, Clean, and Humidify. Before reading more, start with Air Quality 101 to start with the basics.

Air Quality 101

When it comes to the Air Quality of your home there's no doubt that there's always room for improvement. Our friends at White-Rodgers, an industry leader, provide us with some more expert advice on what to consider.
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In order to maintain the ideal home environment, you must maintain a consistent temperature. It has been estimated that the average person can feel a 2-degree temperature change. If you find that you are constantly playing with your thermostat than odds are that your thermostat isn't doing the job.
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Studies have shown that most indoor environments are much more polluted than outdoor ones. As we spend more time at home, clean air should be high on the priority list. Simply put, some minor changes will make you feel better in your home.
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The colder the climate the more important the humidity. The humidity of the home can not only affect the woodwork but also your family's health. That's why you should have the latest in humidifier technology. It will improve the air you breathe and you'll feel better about your home.
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