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The best way to control your Indoor Air Quality is with a thermostat. See below for some FAQ.

How do I reduce temperature swings?

In order to maintain the ideal home environment, you must maintain a consistent temperature. It has been estimated that the average person can feel a 2-degree temperature change. If you find that you are constantly playing with your thermostat than odds are that your thermostat isn't doing the job.

What does a thermostat do?

A thermostat, in its most basic form, simply turns your furnace and air conditioner on and off according to the ambient temperature in your home and the temperature setting you've selected. Most people don't know that a quality thermostat dramatically improves indoor comfort due to its ability to maintain a consistent temperature.

Programmable Thermostats: Programmable Thermostats are the best way to control your home environment and save you money at the same time.

What can a Programmable Thermostat do to improve my home?

  1. Increase comfort. Run your furnace and A/C when you ask it to. That means your temperature will be just right when you wake up and get home from work.
  2. Save money. By running your unit when you need it, you can reduce the overall cost of ownership.

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White Rodgers

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