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Deal With One Trade - Minimize the Cost of Business, Maximize Quality

Pinnacle has served the New Home Builder for over a decade. We've built our business on simple fundamentals. Simply put, we aim to continually understand your needs, minimize problems, and create solutions. In a competitive marketplace the ability to provide tailored home environment solutions allows Pinnacle to help in ways you've never imagined.

Cornerstones of Success

By focusing on our cornerstones of success we are able to achieve the above and much more.

  • Continuous Improvement – The residential new construction industry delivers quality by constantly looking for opportunities to do better. As a critical trade, Pinnacle aims to assist the new home builder by improving our business to deliver more, ultimately benefiting the home owner.
  • Customer Service – Many trades talk a lot about what they are able to do but Pinnacle delivers on its promises. Our focus on customer service ensures that both head office and the site office are able to get what they need, when they need it.
  • Technology – The heating, cooling, and fireplace industry is constantly introducing new products. We feel that it's our responsibility to know the "latest and greatest" in the industry and determine what products are best for your new project.
  • Quality – When the above are combined, continuous improvement, customer service, and new technologies, we at Pinnacle are able to exceed expectations and deliver quality solutions.

Want more information? Please give us a call today at 416.422.HOME and ask to schedule your free in-home assessment. Or simply fill out our Request Service with your details. We'll be happy to help with all your questions.