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Tired of Having Your Home Feel like the Sahara Desert?
Installing a Humidifier is your solution!

Steam Power Humidifiers: Steam power humidifiers generate maximum moisture. These humidifiers are perfect if you have family members with health problems due to dry climates, or if you own antiques and wood furnishings. With their maximum moisture, they are also perfect for homes in especially dry regions.

Flow-Thru Humidifiers: Flow-thru humidifiers are exceptionally popular, primarily because they require almost no cleaning or maintenance. Households that have hard water should certainly opt for this model, as hard water is laden with minerals that can build up over time.

Can a humidifier help decrease the number of airborne contaminants? Yes, whole house humidifiers contribute to a cleaner, safer home environment. Airborne contaminants (bacteria, viruses, mold, mites, fungi, and others) thrive in environments of very high or very low humidity. Proper use of a whole house humidifier moderates your humidity, minimizing airborne contaminants.

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