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More information is never a bad thing. Donít forget to check out our In Floor Heating 101 section after youíve read the FAQ section below.

What is radiant floor heating?

Radiant floor heating is a comfortable and efficient form of heating where warm water circulates through flexible, specially designed PEX tubing installed under the floor. The heat radiates evenly up through the floor warming people and objects in the room and providing more comfort for less money.

What makes radiant floor heating so comfortable?
Unlike traditional heating systems that just warm the air, radiant heating warms the floor and the objects in contact with the floor. The entire floor distributes a consistent, even and quiet heating. There are no drafts and radiant floor heating takes the chill out of cold tile, marble and wood floors.

What is PEX tubing?
PEX (crosslinked polyethylene) tubing is specially designed plastic tubing with distinctive properties that make it ideal for radiant floor heating and plumbing systems.

What if the tubing leaks?
Leaks are not a concern with PEX when the system is properly installed. With a life expectancy of more than 100 years, PEX tubing has withstood the most extensive tests in the industry for over 30 years. We also offer a 30-year limited warranty.

Can the floor get too hot?
No. A properly designed radiant floor heating system will deliver comfortable warmth that's a pleasure to walk on - especially in bare feet! If additional heat is needed to satisfy the heat load, additional warmth can easily be added by installing radiant walls and/or ceilings.

We already have a concrete floor in the basement. Is it too late to install the tubing?
Not at all. The Quik Trak™ system is perfect for remodeling or retrofit projects. Quik Trak is installed over a plywood subfloor. It's great for putting radiant comfort in a basement or anywhere in your home.

Is it possible to just heat the ceramic tile floor in our master bath?
Absolutely. Radiant floor heating systems are flexible, meaning you can heat the entire home or only those rooms you want to heat. The bathroom is a popular area of the home to heat.

We're not ready to make this investment right now. Can we rough the system in for the future?
Yes, the PEX tubing is installed in the slab during construction and you can complete the system later. This adds relatively little to the cost of a poured floor, but can add a great deal to the value of your home later.

If I have radiant floor heating, can I still have air conditioning?
Sure you can. In fact, separate heating and cooling systems really make the most sense. Radiant floor heating keeps the heat near the floor where it does the most good; and air conditioning ductwork is placed only where it is needed to cool your home. The result is optimal comfort and efficiency all year.

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