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Thinking of Improving the Air You Breath?

Pinnacle provides home environment solutions for home builders and home owners who want to create better living environments and at the same time add value to the home. Choose from Heating & Cooling, Fireplaces, Air Quality, and Tank-less Hot Water Systems to find the right solution for you.

Why Choose Pinnacle?

The answer is quite simple. For the first time in the industry there's a company that realizes it's not just about a new heating, cooling, or fireplace system, it's about giving you the peace of mind that you got a fair price, a healthier home, and a company you can trust.
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Solutions Overview

Heating & Cooling

Interested in saving money and creating a better living environment? Install a new high efficiency furnace and air conditioner in your home. With our extensive knowledge you can rest assured that you'll get the right solution for you and your family.
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The fireplace is the focal point of any home. It draws the family together as a gathering spot. It can be a traditional woodburner, complete with the familiar aroma of a campfire or a more convenient, clean burning gas fireplace.
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Air Quality

Studies have shown that most indoor environments are much more polluted than outdoor ones. Couple this with the fact that it has been estimated that we spend up to 90% indoors and it becomes obvious that indoor air quality is a major cause for concern.
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Domestic Hot Water

How nice would it be to never run out of hot water again? Our tankless hot water system can provide you up to 8.5 gallons/min of hot water. Hot water when you want it! That means you can run a shower, dishwasher and washing machine all at the same time.
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Want more information? Please give us a call today at 416.422.HOME and ask to schedule your free in-home assessment. Or simply fill out our Request Service with your details. We'll be happy to help with all your questions.