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Add a Unique Look to any Project at a Fraction of the Cost

Here are some answers to many FAQ's about Manufactured Stone

What is it?

Manufactured stone is made out of Portland cement, lightweight natural aggregates and iron oxide pigments, all of which are basic components of natural stone. It fits nearly any building plan - large, small, interior, exterior, commercial, residential, remodel, or new.

How is it made?

  • Natural stones are individually chosen for uniqueness.
  • Molds are crafted to replicate every textural detail.
  • Natural color hues are formulated using iron oxide pigments.
  • Colors are painstakingly hand applied to the molds.
  • Stones are cast, unmolded and carefully packaged.

What are the benefits?

The installed cost is 1/3 to 1/2 less than natural stone, it is lightweight, and requires no footings, wall ties or foundations. It has a 2% waste factor vs. 10% or more for natural stone.

Will it fade?

Permanent iron oxide dyes are applied and absorbed by the stone when it is cast, thus the color becomes an integral part of the stone. The base color is blended throughout and the mortar can be colored to match as well. There are no noticeable changes in the color after years of weathering.

Choose from the following best of breed manufacturers to see more specs.

Eldorado Stone

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